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Grain-Free Granola is one of my favorite recipes (inspired by the www.gapsdiet.com), because it's one of the few healthy foods that tastes good and can be shelved for a few months without preservatives. We source only the finest ingredients that are organic when available & NO SUGAR in any of our ingredients, including the fruit. It's gluten, dairy, oat and sugar free (click on item to view ingredients). We are always thrilled when we meet people with Celiac, Autoimmune & other health/digestive issues that can enjoy our granola -or- those that are on Paleo, GAPS, etc...but we promise, everyone else will love it too. Enjoy in yogurt, on salads, with your favorite milk or alone as a snack!

Please contact us with any questions or comments, as we are a small growing company and would love the feedback.

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Becky's Food Love
134 E 800 S
Orem, Utah 84058, US

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